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A quick start using brackets

Lots of waffle ...

This page is called index.shtml, or it could be called index.html
I use index.shtml as I want to later include "server side includes" which are simple text files I add to the server.
I can then use <!--#include virtual="/includes/high.txt" --> to include a file called high.txt

This is a page writen using the Brackets software, which is free.
I then upload this page to the server via ftp using filezilla.
The page needs some content, bu also needs some formatting. I will start with the break line command
You can view the text in this page using 'view page source'.
It's note very clever at present, but it works. Every update needs to be uploaded after a refresh of the page, usually the function key F5
More waffle ...

Before I move on, view the page source, and notice the meta keywords & description, i.e. keywords & description. These are probably the most important part of the page, they describe it.
Lets move on to a real page, and I need to use a href link to do this to intro1.shtml, by using a <href="intro1.shtml">text goes here<a> e.g. First page with more code & stylesheets
Second page now using bootstrap 4
And some London stuff
Content wider than screen

This is a warning that you are at the bottom of the page. There is just one more piece of information below, the date this page was last updated.

And Last updated on: Saturday, 09-Jun-2018 14:35:00 BST