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Content wider than screen issues

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Content wider than screen issues

My site was trashed today by the google web responsive, i.e. Mobile Friendly tests. Most of my pages on my pub history site failed! That's about 40,000 pages and more
There was one simple fix I needed to do. As I use an include page to deisign the site, I added this one line to this file. This fixed every page which did not have images.
The biggest issue was with pages and image size, and I was getting multiple errors on these pages, which suggested the image was too large, and the error was:

Content wider than screen

I fiddled around and also posted on the excellent webmasters forum, i.e. this is the Content wider than screen post
A very simple fix was to use an inline stylesheet as follows : And followed by a slight change to the image properties from this

To this

Hey presto, I just need to edit each page with an imag, thats only aboyut 10,000 pages! You can then check your page is web friendly here : Web friendly?

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